Meet Lydia!

We’re so excited to introduce Lydia, our summer marketing intern and University of Texas at Austin Third Year who joined the team this summer and will be with us again for the fall semester! Get to know Lydia better via our Q&A below.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Two months ago I would have said the best advice I’d ever received was “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but on my first day of interning for Storyware I was assigned an article to read as part of my onboarding task list. The biggest takeaways were “have an opinion, make your thoughts known, and ask lots of questions.” 

Most-craved dish? Depending on the day it’s either the Fisherman’s fried seafood Combo from J.T. Farnham’s in Essex, Massachusetts, Marco and Lucas dumplings in Charlottesville, Virginia, or the Super Beef on an Onion Roll from Nick’s Famous Roast Beef in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Something you’d love to learn more about? Money – specifically, how to save it.

What album could you listen to on repeat? In a Tidal Wave of Mystery by Capital Cities

capital cities blog post- Lydia
My absolute favorite indie music album, best listened to by a body of water on a sunny day.

Time travel is a thing. What year do you visit? I’d like to visit the future, maybe several years after my lifetime (2150?). I don’t want to see how my life plays out, only what happens after.

Who do you admire and why? My friend George. I met him on the first day of college and I have never stopped learning from him. At 20, he has already owned two businesses and somehow still manages to keep searching for his next big idea.

Best part about being a student at The University of Texas at Austin? Probably that Matthew McConaughey is a professor or the palm trees on campus. Hook’em.

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach? How to make a killer digital collage.

digital collage - Lydia blog
I have an addiction to making these…

What inspires your work? A couple of things. Learning new skills so that I can be self-sufficient, feeling like I provide value to the team, and staying connected with other employees during work hours through Slack.

If you had an all-expenses-paid vacation to go anywhere, where would it be? Bora Bora.

Favorite spot in Austin? Goldsmith Hall, the most beautiful secret courtyard on the UT campus – no question. 

goldsmith hall - lydia blog
The Goldsmith courtyard is always so calm and empty. Filled with cherry blossoms, palm trees, stone benches, and a broken fountain.

Current favorite artist or creative? My brother, Calvin. He has the most amazing voice. I hope to see him on broadway someday.

What are you excited about for this internship? The opportunity to build upon my knowledge and experience of all things digital. I don’t usually like spending much time on the computer because I’ve never been a huge fan of doing things I’m not good at. Working for Storyware has been my chance to improve my computer skills and familiarize myself with what feels like 100 new digital apps.