Meet Riley!

We’re so excited to introduce Riley, our digital marketing intern and University of Virginia First Year who joined the team this spring! Get to know Riley better via our Q&A below.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? If you love what you have and you do what makes you happy, you’ll create abundance wherever you go.

Most-craved dish? The Mayweather bowl from roots (with BBQ tofu).

Riley Davis - Favorite meal
My mom and I devouring our tasty Mayweather bowls from Roots, with BBQ tofu of course.

Something you’d love to learn more about? The book “The 5 am Club” and more about how to maximize my time in the mornings to increase productivity and mindfulness.

What album could you listen to on repeat? Fearless by Taylor Swift. “Country” Taylor never gets old

Time travel is a thing. What year do you visit? Any year in the 1980s. I grew up hearing my parents play music and movies from the ’80s and I am so curious and intrigued by that decade. I also would love to be there when a John Hughes movie would’ve made its theatre debut.

Who do you admire and why? My Grandpa. He was a pediatrician for all of his working life and spent his career traveling to impoverished areas in the United States and starting free clinics. I aspire to be that selfless and giving.

Riley - Grandfather
Me with my Grandpa (a.ka. Poppee): one of my biggest role models!

Riley - football/dad

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach? How to throw a football with a spiral. My dad taught me how to when I was 5 and I became convinced that I was destined for the NFL. Since I have accepted I will not have a career as a professional QB, I’ll settle for a QB coach.

What inspires your work? The “team” aspect of Storyware. I have always loved being a part of teams whether it was for sports, clubs, etc… It motivates me to know I am a part of something greater than myself.

If you had an all-expenses-paid vacation to go anywhere, where would it be? Santorini, Greece.

Favorite Place? Any coffee shop.

Favorite part about attending The University of Virginia? The UVA “environment”. Everyone around me is here to work hard, learn, grow, and simply enjoy all that comes with college. It is a competitive environment that pushes me to be the best version of myself, but also an environment where people are always looking to have fun and be present.

Riley - roommate - dorm

Why Public Policy and Journalism? I want to work in the humanitarian aid field one day and studying Public Policy seemed like a good first step. However, I also love to write and create projects via digital media so journalism has a lot of appeal to me too.

Current favorite artist or creative? I’ve really been enjoying Quinn XCII recently.

How did you connect with Storyware? I have known Lydia Kellams, Storyware’s current digital marketing assistant since I moved to Charlottesville. In fact, her younger sister Stella is one of my closest friends. Whenever I was at the Kellams house last summer I would always hear about this amazing internship Lydia had. When Lydia informed me Storyware was looking for an intern I couldn’t have been more excited to apply, because I was already convinced this internship would be the coolest job ever.

What are you excited about for this internship? How much I am learning. Each day I come away more informed, whether it’s from hearing all of the brilliant projects that are being created during our team meetings or getting a better understanding of how to navigate WordPress. I love it.