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Meet Justin!

We’re so excited to introduce Justin, our web developer based out of West Lafayette, Indiana who joined the team this May! Get to know Justin better via our Q&A below.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. “Wayne Gretsky” Michael Scott

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Most-craved dish? Pizza.

Something you’d love to learn more about? I would love to learn more about backend development. As a frontend developer, I never really dabble in PHP land.

What album could you listen to on repeat? Probably Damn. By Kendrick Lamar. The albums just pumps me up and helps me get focused.

Time travel is a thing. What year do you visit? Might be cliche, but I would love to visit the Paleozoic era with the dinos.

Who do you admire and why?  My wife (to not sound cheesy). She stuck through 20 years (k-12, 4 Purdue undergraduate, 4 IU graduate) to become an optometrist. Even during hard times, she made it through and is the hardest working individual I know.

My wife and I in Gatlingburg, Tennessee on our honeymoon.

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach? Why they should use Tailwind for their CSS.

What inspires your work? Might be a little cliche, but the client. After all, we all work for our clients. Client satisfaction is one of my highest priorities.

If you had an all-expenses-paid vacation to go anywhere, where would it be? Probably Italy. I mean my most craved dish is pizza after all and its the home of pizza 🙂

Favorite place? Portland, Oregon. I am big into the craft beer scene and they definitely have microbreweries. Also, The city is very different from anything I have ever experienced.

Shot of a great beer at a microbrewery in Portland, Oregon.

Current favorite artist or creative? Steve Schoger (Creative). Author of Refactoring UI, Designer for Tailwindcss and Tailwind UI, and Adam Wathan (Creative). The maker of Tailwindcss and Tailwind UI

Why web development? Honestly, it wasn’t the original plan. I was originally going to get into video game design. With that being too expensive, and not being able to afford, I looked into different professions. It just stuck. I found something that I thoroughly enjoy and that I am good at. It’s not hard for me to wake up and go to work because of this.

How did you connect with Storyware? Codepen. I saw the opportunity, and it looked right up my alley. Probably annoyed Page and Todd about the job 1000 times(Not literally), but here I am.

What excites you the most about this job? Every day is something different. I love having variety in my daily job.

Justin is a front-end web developer at Storyware. He is passionate about providing the best user experience possible. While outside of the office, collecting Funko pop figures is a very big passion of his.

Meet Justin

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