Our purpose is three-fold. Build products and partnerships with care; educate, engage, and support our community; and provide a great place to work.

An emphasis on collaboration.

Storyware built the new AVC.com for me as well as the web presence for our sustainable apartment building company, Frame Home. They met all of our expectations in terms of scope and cost and were a pleasure to work with.
Fred Wilson
Blogger, Investor, and Developer
Storyware has been a great partner. They are completely professional, reliable, and smart. They have never let us down.
DJ Stout

Community as our cornerstone.

Whether as a volunteer or sponsor, we take a lot of pride in the community organizations that we support on a regular basis.

We love what we do.

But we also love what work allows us to do: live the life we want. We believe work should fit into your life, and not the other way around. That means the freedom to explore new places, to checkout for a midday run, and to get to the bus stop to pick your kids up from school, every single day.

Our Team

Todd Wickersty

Charlottesville, VA

Todd is Storyware’s CEO and co-founder. He loves bringing teams together to achieve digital objectives. Live music and college football are the best ways to get his undivided attention.

Justin Esders

West Lafayette, IN

Justin is a front-end web developer at Storyware. He is passionate about providing the best user experience possible. While outside of the office, collecting Funko pop figures is a very big passion of his.

Wyndsor Hug

Wilmington, NC

As Design Director, Wyndsor oversees all of Storyware’s design projects. She has worked with Storyware since 2014 helping clients make meaningful connections with their audience through strategic web and brand design. Outside of the studio, Wyndsor spends most of her time enjoying the beaches of coastal North Carolina with her family.

Matt Watson

Byram, MS

Matt is Storyware’s Lead Web Developer. He loves working on full-stack applications and making things as easy as possible for developers and users alike. Outside of web development, Matt has a love of languages and a master’s degree in Spanish.

Natalie Semczuk

Upstate NY

Natalie is Storyware’s Delivery Manager. She has 10+ years of agency and freelance experience in project management and has a Master of Science in Science, Technology, and Society Studies. She is fascinated with how technology interacts with our lives, but also loves gardening to (literally) keep her grounded.

Anna Beam

South Carolina

As Operations Coordinator at Storyware, Anna helps the entire team move through their days as seamlessly as possible – managing client requests, calendars, inboxes, finances, and other behind-the-scenes work.