Designing a digital presence for a leader in IoT innovation.

Project Synopsis

Everactive is a technology company providing batteryless solutions to monitor the health of industrial machines like stream traps and flare systems. These solutions, combined with Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, help Everactive’s customers improve safety, reduce machine downtime, save on energy and repair costs, and shrink their overall carbon footprint.

With roots in Charlottesville, Everactive (previously Psikick) selected Storyware to design and build their new website as part of a larger renaming and rebranding initiative. Working from a visual identity created by Siegel + Gale, we mapped out the new digital presence for Everactive. This work began with the most challenging part of the project, communicating the technology and benefits of Everactive’s solutions in a clear, concise way that didn’t overwhelm users with too many technical concepts.


  • Megan Chandler
  • Page Wood
  • Kate Hofstra
  • Todd Wickersty

Everactive’s batteryless solutions work by harnessing energy from heat, light, or vibrations to monitor machine health. Sensors then send data to the cloud for analysis.