The High Line

Creating a digital experience in line with a nonprofit’s vision.

Project Synopsis

Once an abandoned rail line, today the High Line is a public park in New York City. Since it opened in 2009, it has expanded how people experience public space. At the High Line, visitors can walk through the gardens, experience a performance, enjoy a wide range of food, or just connect with family and friends.

The High Line was seeking to redesign their website, online store, and launch a third site for their new initiative, the High Line Network. Storyware worked closely with their team to build a consistent and cohesive experience across all three websites while rebuilding the online donation management platform to meet their specific use cases on the front and back-end.


  • Page Wood
  • Kate Hofstra
  • Todd Wickersty
  • Graham Blevins
  • Daniel Autry
  • Stephanie Stephens
  • Katie Primeau
  • and all of our friends at the High Line

Although many donation management platforms offer online fundraising solutions, they are typically limited and inflexible with below average user experience. For this, the High Line sought our help.

We built a custom membership and donation flow that integrates with the Stripe API. The High Line has the ability to create new giving pages and modify various elements of the donation forms.

We also delivered a custom online donation back-end for reporting and business process optimization to support High Line staff.

While consulting their designers from a UX perspective, our team leveraged WordPress Multisite for the High Line and High Line Network sites, along with Shopify for the online store.

We made it easy for users to find important park information such as hours, or notices related to closings and other important events.

Using project-specific GeoJSON data from Carto, we were able to use Google Maps to illustrate planned and ongoing project footprints on the High Line Network website.

Before the redesign, the High Line’s website, online store and Art website looked completely different. Now all of the High Line’s web properties provide a consistent user experience while adhering to their brand guidelines.

What We Did

  • API Integration
  • Custom WordPress Website
  • Hosting + Dev Ops
  • Project Management
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Application Development