Design Partner Spotlight: Haley Taylor

Since 2015, Storyware has served as a web development partner for Pentagram Design. We’ve worked with a number of extremely talented designers out of their Austin office, including Haley Taylor.

Photo by Tyler Cogburn

Why design? Design shapes the way people experience the world. I like making things that are both beautiful and useful. It’s a very practical visual art.

What/Who inspires your work? I am often inspired by my friends and family who aren’t designers. You don’t have to know anything about the “rules” of design to be a consumer of design. Most people can tell when a design looks good or looks bad. Non-designers will often provide a perspective I had not considered.

How do you come up with your top design ideas? Iteration! Make a bunch of ideas before getting too attached. Then come back later with fresh eyes and see what is working and what isn’t.

‘On Site’ designed by Haley Taylor & DJ Stout

What intrigues (or frustrates) you about web design currently? It’s a very different set of circumstances from a print piece. It’s both interesting and difficult to design something where you can’t control all of the variables that go into a user’s experience: the device they are using, their browser, the brightness of the screen, the accuracy of the color, the speed of their internet connection. When a person holds a book, you know what size it will be in their hand and what sequence they will look at the pages, etc. Designing a website that will look good and function well in a wide variety of circumstances is the core of the challenge. / Redesign / Haley Taylor, Stu Taylor, & DJ Stout

How did you connect with Storyware? Storyware has been a trusted partner of Pentagram Austin for a long time. I was glad to get a chance to work together.

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach? I have been getting into ceramics in my spare time so I’d probably teach someone how to throw on a wheel. There is something really gratifying about making practical things—both in my professional work and in my free time.

Photo by Tyler Cogburn

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? “It’s just graphic design.” Even though design can be so powerful, it’s helpful to remember to not take it so seriously that you forget to play and have fun with your work.

Current favorite designer? Paula Scher has been a favorite for a long time. Her work is fantastic, of course, but what I find especially inspiring is her tenacity.

Favorite project you’ve worked on with Storyware? Our New Mexico Museum of Art project was great. Can’t wait for it to be live!

Cover photo by Tyler Cogburn

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