Best Remote Work Spots: Page’s Richmond List

A career in web development is pretty great for a lot of reasons, and I’d be lying if I didn’t list the ability to work remotely towards the top of that list. I remember when I first started getting paid to build websites from my couch in college and how liberating it felt. The ability to work remotely opened up an entire new world to me, so long as the wifi was fast and reliable. 

While traveling is awesome, and I could write a blog post in itself on how to work remotely (and effectively) while traveling, I don’t do the work and travel thing as much now. Nowadays I mostly use working remotely as a means to live in the city of my choice, and still maintain some innate human social needs by venturing out of the house for work during the day. I live in Richmond, Virginia, and below is a collection of my favorite places to get work done outside of my home office. 

Note before we dive in: This is based largely on what’s convenient to where I live. Richmond has many wonderful coffee spots outside of this list. Also, be sure to remote work with care; buy something if you’re going to hang out and get some work done, don’t overstay your welcome, tip your barista, don’t forget ergonomics, and remember to mix up your remote work locations. 




Ironclad Coffee Roasters

Shockoe Bottom
1805 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23223

Ironclad Coffee Roasters is one of my favorite spots in RVA. They have some phenomenal coffee, a beautiful interior, and a nice variety of seating options. Despite being located in Shockoe, it’s usually fairly easy to find a parking spot within a couple of blocks during the workday. Oh yeah, the WiFi is great and the staff is friendly.




Robinson Street
400 North Robinson Street Richmond, VA 23220

While I much prefer the vibe of local coffee shops, sometimes it’s tough to beat the reliability of Starbucks in terms of blazing fast Google WiFi, and their ability to make a Grande Iced Redeye with Coconut Milk. This particular location is a 5 minute walk from my place in the Fan, and it was remodeled at the end of 2018. I wouldn’t say this is the most exciting destination in my book, but it’s reliable and modern. 




Urban Farmhouse

Scott’s Addition
3015 Norfolk St, Richmond, VA 23230

Serving the same coffee that’s found at Ironclad, Urban Farmhouse also has quality caffeinated beverages. Parking is easy to come by, and this spot has an abundance of seating. I love to work from their patio when it’s warm out, which is a great spot for conference calls. For those colder days, Urban Farmhouse has a cozy fireplace inside that makes for a nice place for reading or planning.



Lamplighter Coffee Roasters

Addison Street
116 S Addison St, Richmond, VA 23220

Tattoos, piercings, and strong coffee – that’s Lamplighter. This artsy little coffee shop has a very Richmond vibe and I love it. When it’s warm, Lamplighter’s picnic tables outside are perfect for posting up with the laptop while enjoying some Tallbike blend coffee. Lamplighter’s WiFi is fairly fast, and their espresso will keep you sufficiently fueled. This spot is definitely worth checking out if you’re around this part of Richmond’s Fan District. 




Capital One Cafe

2933 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

“Secco Wine bar is moving? And what’s taking its place? A coffee shop run by a credit card company? What?” I probably overheard some variation of that conversation about a dozen times before Capital One Cafe opened in Carytown. I had never been to a Capital One Cafe before, nor did I have a Capital One credit card, so the concept was a bit foreign to me as well. 

I was no longer a skeptic after my first visit to Capital One Cafe. My first Latte was half off because it happened to be “happy hour,” and it turns out their drinks are always half off with a Capital One card. The Wifi is sufficient, there’s plenty of seating, and they have conference rooms that are great for ducking into when you need to take a quick phone call. Now that they have sold me on half price drinks (yes I obtained a Capital One credit card because of this), and they’re a 10 minute walk from my apartment… Yes, I’m a regular here. 




Sugar & Twine

2928 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

When it comes to a local spot with super friendly staff, tasty snacks, and good coffee in Carytown, Sugar and Twine receives an A-plus from me. The location is a bit small so I don’t typically go here to get work done unless it’s very early in the morning. Nonetheless, I love this place – and I save it for early mornings when I want to treat myself with some sugary snacks while checking emails.




Scott’s Addition
2920 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230

Unlike the other spots on this list, Gather was specifically created for people trying to get some work done. Back in the day, Storyware had an office in Gather and we certainly enjoyed working there. They serve extremely potent coffee from Black Hand, provide a variety of networking opportunities, typically have beer on tap, and happen to be located right by some of Richmond’s best breweries. 

I haven’t seen the other Gather co-working spaces, but I’ve heard great things. Gather is a smart option for someone working remotely who wants to do a bit of networking while churning out work in a hip space. 





Scott’s Addition
3200 Rockbridge St. Richmond, Va

Chairlift is attached to Brenner Pass, one of the best restaurants in Scott’s Addition. They serve Blanchard’s coffee, make some wild pastries, and always have a unique specialty beverage for those days when you want to mix up your source of caffeine. The first macha-based drink that I actually liked was from Chairlift. This place is easy to park near, the Wifi gets the job done, and Chairlift has an all around cool vibe. 



Three Notch’d RVA Collab House

Scott’s Addition
2930 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230

Sometimes you want to get some work done in the evening, or on a Friday afternoon when coffee might be better replaced by a cold craft beer. The Three Notch’d location in Richmond is one of my favorite spots to sip a beer while wrapping up work thanks to their spacious taproom, experimental draft list, and great picnic tables outside. This brewery also happens to be located right next to Gather, making this corner of Scott’s Addition one happening place.



That’s it—get some work done, support local businesses, and go explore.

If you’re one of the many lucky people who are able to work remotely, then I highly recommend getting out of the house (or office) and mixing up your surroundings. You never know who you’re going to meet, what new coffee (or beer) is going to invigorate your work, or where you might find inspiration. 


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Cover photo via Unsplash user @kathauguste.