Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins


The best brands are built on great stories – Ian Rowden, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Group

What is a brand story and how does it grow your brand?

Your brand story is what makes your brand authentic. It’s who you are and what you are about. It’s about why your product exists in the world and how it adds value to people’s lives. Your story is what you tell people, and it’s what people believe about you: it’s what makes individuals connect with your brand.

Everything you do in your business –  your logo, your business cards, your website, the people you hire – is part of your story.

Building a brand starts with creating your story. Your story will guide your strategy.


Everything we do is about storytelling – DJ Stout, Partner, Pentagram

What is brand storytelling? (and why it’s not the same as pitching)

Storytelling is your brand’s culture. It’s about living out your brand story in everything you do and create. It isn’t your 30 second elevator pitch or what’s written on the “About Us” page of your website. Storytelling means crafting every aspect of your brand in a consistent way, one that always remains true to your brand story. It’s how you interact with your customers, what you do on social media, how you create your product, where you source your materials, how you engage in your local community and of course, your brand personality: the logo, the design, the website.

Apple is a brand built on storytelling. Steve Jobs was masterful at it and over the years, Apple has been disciplined about staying true to their story. The Apple brand is unique and exciting. It’s trusted and it’s consumers are loyal because they appreciate the story told by the brand, and perhaps more importantly, they’ve become part of that story themselves.


To thine ownself be true – William Shakespeare, Hamlet

How do you tell your story?

Your story is the foundation of your brand and the starting place for your strategy to grow that brand. Find what makes you unique and valuable, and remain grounded in that story. Make your brand story your guide in everything you do.

A successful brand actively cultivates its brand story. Your brand’s mission, tone of voice, logo, identity, packaging, advertising, website, and social media should all communicate the core values and promise of your brand. They should be the medium through which you tell your story. Brand stories may evolve over time, but by staying true to your story, you can craft and grow your brand in an authentic way that will continue to resonate with consumers.

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As Design Director, Wyndsor oversees all of Storyware’s design projects. She has worked with Storyware since 2014 helping clients make meaningful connections with their audience through strategic web and brand design. Outside of the studio, Wyndsor spends most of her time enjoying the beaches of coastal North Carolina with her family.

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