Developers must stay current with the latest tools and resources that can boost their efficiency and productivity. By utilizing the right tools, such as code editors, project management tools, and more, work processes can be streamlined, leading to improved development capabilities. This guide showcases a selection of essential tools and resources that I utilize in my daily work. It’s important to note that the focus is on general tools and not on specific programming languages or frameworks.


13” MacBook Pro, Dual Core i7, 16GB RAM (2017)

It may come as a surprise, but I was once a dedicated PC user. However, after using a PC for many years, I realized it was holding me back in terms of development speed. That all changed when I made the switch to a MacBook. The impact was transformative and I now understand why so many developers never go back. This exact model can’t be purchased from Apple anymore, but a similar one can be found here.

Viotek 32” Display (Standard Glass)

While it may not be the most advanced monitor on the market, a solid 1080p monitor can still make a significant difference in your work. As a developer, every pixel counts and having a monitor that accurately displays your designs is crucial. You can purchase this monitor here.

Apple Magic Keyboard

My old mechanical keyboard, while having a unique aesthetic, no longer met my needs. In search of a change, I discovered a new keyboard that provided a seamless transition from keyboard to laptop.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Using gestures on my trackpad makes me feel like a wizard with special powers. The ease of transitioning from my trackpad to MacBook without any interruption has greatly improved my work flow.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

Let’s face it, if we’re going to spend hours in the worst ergonomic position imaginable, we might as well do it in comfort and style. I embarked on a mission to find the perfect office chair that strikes the perfect balance between ergonomics and aesthetics.

Development Tools

Visual Studio Code

As a developer, I have explored a wide range of code editors over the years – from Notepad++ to Atom and Sublime Text. However, my search for the ideal tool came to an end when I discovered Visual Studio Code. This remarkable code editor has transformed my coding experience, becoming an essential part of my workflow.


As a macOS user, I’ve always relied on the Terminal app that comes with the operating system. However, when I discovered iTerm2, my command-line experience was elevated to a whole new level. Although I may not know all the technicalities, I do know one thing – iTerm2 has become my preferred terminal for all my terminal specific needs.


For developers, working with databases can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The right tool, however, can make this process effortless and efficient. TablePlus is a powerful database management software that has transformed my approach to managing databases. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, TablePlus has saved me countless hours and has become an essential tool in my workflow.



I may not design frequently, but when the need arises, I turn to Figma for all my design needs.



Although it may not be the latest addition to the market, Alfred’s speed and efficiency have proven its worth. It is considered the Visual Studio Code of the application launcher world, providing quick and seamless access to all of your desired tools.


Spectacle is a reliable tool in my workflow, particularly when designing responsive websites. Its ability to split my screen between the editor and the browser has proved invaluable, streamlining my work and boosting efficiency.

Justin is a front-end web developer at Storyware. He is passionate about providing the best user experience possible. While outside of the office, collecting Funko pop figures is a very big passion of his.

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