Underage Drinking and Driving Prevention

Teen-focused content for a national ad campaign.

Project Synopsis

Despite the fact that all 50 states have a National Minimum Drinking Age law, young drivers under legal drinking age continue to drink and drive. To help the Ad Council—and their partners at the National Highway Traffic Safety Association—reach this group of at-risk drivers, we created teen-focused content for their campaign website that aims to both educate and engage young audiences.

In addition to creating the site content, we built a custom Tumblr theme that allowed readers to submit their own content as draft posts for the Ad Council to review. These posts were “excuses” that teens could use to avoid getting into the car with someone who was drinking and driving. When visiting the Excuses page, the user can sort through randomly generated excuses–some provided by the Ad Council and some provided by readers. We accomplished this through a Javascript-based form that submitted content to a private application, which then leveraged the Tumblr API to create draft posts.


  • Kate Hofstra
  • Page Wood
  • Graham Blevins
  • Todd Wickersty
  • Matt Walters
  • Our friends at the Ad Council
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As part of a refresh of their underage drinking and driving campaign, the Ad Council worked with Vayner Media to create a short video exploring the consequences of drinking and driving underage.

How I Imaging My Friends When They're Hanging Out Without Me

Using the themes of the video as inspiration, we created a set of emoji and GIF driven visuals, alongside irreverent copy, that felt authentic to the teenage experience.

Underage Drinking and Driving Prevention Campaign Content

We also crafted taglines, an in-depth description of the campaign, and tips to help teens navigate tricky social situations.

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Storyware is a dream to work with. Ad Council won the jackpot in finding them. Highly recommend Storyware to anyone who wants to build a site that truly takes advantage of the CMS you’re building on, as well as making sure the UX is as great as it can be.

Zee Hoffman Jones
The Ad Council

What We Did

  • Copywriting
  • Content Development
  • Web Development