Six Hundred West Main

Building a brand from the ground up.

Project Synopsis

A design-driven, urban oasis in the heart of Charlottesville, Six Hundred West Main is a new type of rental residence that delivers forward-thinking, distinctly modern design that feels like home. When the design and development team behind the project approached Storyware, they had a strong sense of the building’s brand, but they needed a creative team who could take their ideas and deliver all the necessary assets for a new business.

Working closely with the Six Hundred West Main team, Storyware spearheaded the brand development process, designing print and digital assets and developing an overarching brand strategy. Over the course of the project we’ve created the brand’s logo, press kit, posters, advertisements, swag, website and more.


  • Kate Hofstra
  • Wyndsor Hug
  • Todd Wickersty
  • Tom Daly

Before we could get started on any of the visual elements, we first had to lay the foundations of the brand.

With input from the Six Hundred West Main team, we defined their vision, mission, and values and helped them develop a clear brand voice and personality.

This Is No Ordinary Place

Defining these elements at the start provided an essential blueprint for all of the design work that followed, and has helped ensure the brand remains cohesive, consistent, and true to itself.

Beginning with a logo that spoke to the building’s modern architecture, we then developed visual brand guidelines, including fonts and colors, to help ensure a consistent visual style.

Six Hundred West Main Press Kit

From here we were able to bring the brand to life in a range of mediums, designing a press kit, posters, keychains, invitations, clothing, construction fencing, hard hats, umbrellas, stencils and advertisements that clearly reflected the brand’s personality.

More reminiscent of a concert than a press conference, the event featured black graphic tees that nodded to the desire for backstage passes and edgy, apartment-branded posters that were up for grabs at a merch table.

Samantha Baars, Cville Weekly

Six Hundred West Main VIP Access

The brand identity was unveiled at the official groundbreaking ceremony and press conference, which we helped organize, coordinate, and execute. Despite the pouring rain, the event was an absolute blast (just like the rest of the project!)

What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design