Introducing Megan Chandler

Introducing Megan Chandler, Designer and Digital Strategist

It’s 2019 and a bumper crop world out there.

Memes, streams, apps, eggs, hauls. Have you tried buying yogurt lately? Choosing a font? How many tabs are open on your browser right now? It’s all so much. And just like Keto recipes, true-crime podcasts, and articles on hygge, there’s no shortage of millennials named Megan.

We’re in your offices, your schools, your clubs, your coffeeshops. We’re definitely in your spin class. We’re on the news and on the big screen. Heck, we even have our own Royal.

I joined Storyware in early January as our new Designer and Digital Strategist. Everything about these first weeks has been engaging, invigorating, and affirming. The team is talented, our projects are fun, the perks are bougie (Spotify Premium, here I come). So when they asked if I would write a post introducing myself, I didn’t skip a beat.

Until about a minute later, when I read a headline from a local agency titled, “Meet Megan,” an introductory blogpost welcoming their new strategist. Zeetus lapeetus. Is Millennial Megan the new Developer Dave?

Likely. So I decided to call a spade a spade and enlist the help of my people. If you’re like me, reading yet another Meet-a-Megan post, let’s make this one as Megan-tastic as possible. A quick round of DM’s, and I found a few strangers willing to help me out. Megan Chandler №2 is a 31 year-old shop-owner and Pisces living in the United Kingdom with her boyfriend, cat, and dog. Megan Chandler №3 is a 21 year-old artist and Portlandia fan living in Texas with her partner and their poodle. They are human gems, and here are their questions:



?? Megan Chandler (Birmingham, UK) : What did you want to be when you were a little girl?
??‍♀️ Megan Chandler (Virginia, USA) : Earliest records say babysitter or McDonald’s employee. I really liked Happy Meals.


Happy Meal vs. no Happy Meal.


?? Megan Chandler (Texas, USA) : What do you draw inspiration from?
??‍♀️ MC : I love to go thrifting and antiquing, flipping through old books and magazines for design inspiration. I also follow a lot of talented people on Instagram and, more recently, Medium. My favorite thing about the design community is everyone’s eagerness to collaborate, share, and educate.


?? MC :What is your signature dish?
??‍♀️ MC : My boyfriend (who I share a cabin in the woods with and does 99% of the gardening and cooking) says my homemade granola.


Our cabin in Goochland County, Virginia.


?? MC : If you could be any animal, what would you be?
??‍♀️ MC : A bird of some kind. Maybe a chickadee because it’s fun to say.


?? MC : How would your friends describe you?
??‍♀️ MC : Creative, driven, organized, energetic, controlling, a networker, a 3, and my personal favorite, “you’re not super sensitive, which has its drawbacks but also allows you to take feedback constructively and seriously.”


?? MC : What would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far?
??‍♀️ MC : I’m so lucky to have lived and worked in the places I have. From Maine to the Blue Ridge mountains to Richmond to this country-meets-city lifestyle I have commuting from Goochland to Charlottesville, I’m very proud to have made a career out of something that I love, that I have a degree in, and be able to make it work from all of these amazing places. Of course, I have many mentors, employers, and clients to thank for that, too!


Maine, my home away from home.


?? MC : How would you describe your style?
??‍♀️ MC : Wannabe-French meets jeans and cowboy boots. Lots of black.


?? MC : Would you rather live in the city or in the country?
??‍♀️ MC : I see you, Texas! Definitely the country, but city trips are good for my soul. There’s so much variety and culture and newness happening there.


?? MC : What would your dream weekend entail?
??‍♀️ MC : Some kind of massive gathering with all of my friends, since they’re spread so far and wide! I love a good river float, so let’s say that.


RIP to these Chaco’s I lost.


?? MC : Savory or sweet?
??‍♀️ MC : Savory.


?? MC : What would your absolute dream job be?
??‍♀️ MC : I’m honestly pretty smitten with my current job. That said, I’d love to retire and be a rich, old salonneire someday.


?? MC : What is one thing you want to be remembered for?
??‍♀️ MC : I want to be remembered for how much I gave to my career and to my community. And for how I made the people around me feel. Hopefully, good.


?? MC : Finally, would you rather be attacked by one hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
??‍♀️ MC : Excellent question, and for sure one hundred duck-sized horses.



Thanks for reading! This was my first post, and I can’t wait to learn and share more with this community as I continue at Storyware. Check out our blog for more UX, design, and development content, and say hello!