Introducing Kono

We are proud to release Kono, the latest Premium Tumblr Theme from Storyware.

A lot of time went into producing our latest theme, and we’re excited to share it with you. True to the Hawaiian translation of Kono meaning “invite,” the Kono theme welcomes you with a clean, minimal grid, designed to highlight beautiful images. With over 60 options for customization, Kono allows you to truly dig in and make this theme your own.

Custom, Custom, Custom

Kono has a number of options that will allow you to truly customize the end-user’s experience.

  • Fonts – Choose from over 500 fonts using Google Web Fonts. Plus we’ve given you the option to use different fonts for header and body text.
  • Colors – Make your blog your own by customizing the color of everything from your header text, body text, navigation, background, links, and link hover.
  • Posts – Keep your theme super clean by disabling the caption content for posts, or allow users to view post headers, likes, and reblogs.
  • Header – We’ve given you the option to disable the header image. In the absence of a header image, Kono features a slim header bar that is fixed to the top of the screen. To keep the reading experience pleasant, we’ve set this topbar to hide while the user is scrolling down and to re-appear when scrolling up.
  • Footer – Kono’s footer is extremely versatile, allowing you to make it as bare or populated as you like. You can even make it disappear. Enable display options for your Instagram Feed, Flickr Feed, links to the blogs that you follow, your latest tweets, links to your social platforms, your menu, and some custom footer text. The menu displayed in the footer is another version of your sidebar menu links, but is always visible to the user if enabled.

Responsive Design

Kono Tumblr Theme

Kono is a fully responsive theme – allowing your content to be delivered quickly and beautifully on any device. Like you, we spend a lot of time on our phones and we know how important the mobile experience is to your users. Kono has been designed to look and function well on all of your devices from the get-go, not as an afterthought.

Social Features

We’ve built in ways to connect your Kono tumblr with 22 different social platforms. Using our custom fields you can share your most recent Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr posts or enable social icons to connect your users to your pages on Pinterest, Google +, Behance, and Facebook (just to name a few). You can also easily share your tumblr content on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with just one click.

Sticky Post

Have a special post or a piece of content that you would like to highlight at all times on your blog? Use the sticky tag to pin a post at the top left of your theme. Take things a step further and give this prominent post a small text label in the top corner. Like the sticky post, the sticky post label is optional and can be enabled by filling in the Sticky Tag Label field in the customizer.

Sidebar Menu

Kono features a sliding sidebar menu that has a number of options for content, along with colors. This sliding sidebar menu is triggered by tapping the Menu button in your blog’s header. Within the sidebar menu, you can enable various links, add custom page links, display your avatar, and show your social links.

Tracking and Analytics

All of our themes come with the option to enable Google Analytics so you can keep track of your most popular content and gain a better understanding of your audience.

Infinite Scrolling

Don’t let the bottom of the page stop your users from checking out all of your content. Enable infinite scrolling and users can see hundreds of posts at a time.

Need some help?

Storyware has one of the most comprehensive Tumblr support pages on the web. Whether you need help installing Google Analytics, or setting up a sticky post, or adding a member to your blog, we’re here to help. Just drop us a line at or check out our support site here:

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