Announcing Storyware's new design director, Wyndsor Hug

Storyware has worked with a lot of talented designers over the course of our existence. While these collaborations have resulted in great new ideas and long-term partnerships, we lacked leadership and consistency in a design role. Wyndsor Hug, who was our first design partner, will serve that role for Storyware as our new Design Director. She will not only continue to design websites and applications for Storyware, but Wyndsor will also oversee all of our design projects that involve our design partners.

To learn more about Wyndsor’s background and inspiration, please read the Q&A that we published with her late last year.

Welcome (back) to the team, Wyndsor!


Todd is Storyware’s CEO and co-founder. He loves bringing teams together to achieve digital objectives. Live music and college football are the best ways to get his undivided attention.

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